Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tree Ornament

Hey, everyone!  Just sharing my project from last week on the AWDML blog!  Enjoy!

Happy Scrappy Wednesday! Today I want to share a fun and super easy Christmas ornament that you can make for your own tree, or as a gift for someone else. These would also be great to add to a package or gift bag!
First, cut a strip of patterned paper 12″ by 3 1/2″. Since we’re making a Christmas tree, I would suggest using green. Now, measure and mark along the bottom of the strip every 2 1/2″. Along the top, measure 1 1/4″ then move your ruler over to that mark and mark every 2 1/2″ from there. Once you’ve gone all the way across, connect the marks to look like this:


Here’s a closeup of what the measurements should look like:

Now, cut carefully along the lines to make eight triangles. Place a triangle on your scoreboard and score at 1 1/4″. It should end up going right down the middle. Repeat for each triangle.

Now, fold each triangle in half with the side you want showing on the inside of the fold. Then, ad adhesive to one side of the back of the triangle and adhere it to another triangle matching the edges as much as possible.
Continue adding triangles until you’ve used them all (or until you are happy with the result- I would recommend at least six). Then, add a ribbon, as shown.
Now, adhere the two final sides together to close up the “tree”. The ribbon shold be coming out the top like this:

Now, you can add some additional decorations such as pearls or gemstones, or just leave it simple.
(You'll have to excuse the photo... we didn't have our Christmas tree up yet, so I used one of the houseplants instead!  LOL!)

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope you enjoyed the project and that you’re inspired to try on of your own!  All of the materials for this project are available at A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Come back again next week for another fun Christmas project!

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