Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ornament Card

I'm so excited about this card I just can't wait to share it!  Yesterday I went to Lowe's to pick up some Christmas gifts for my Dad.  Since I was actually by myself (a rarity!) I took a few minutes to browse some things I didn't need.  I spotted a "teacher" ornament that immediately became something I DID need!  So, I picked up one for each of my kids' teachers and then went on to find a few more things I "needed." 

Once I got home, I decided that I needed (there's that word again) to craft something scrappy to use as a holder for these ornaments.  The word "box card" kept ringing in my head.  So, I set about the internet looking for just the right tutorial to match the vision I had.  Nothing came close.  So, out came the paper and pencil and I decided to figure it out.  At one point, somewhere around the 5th template, my daughter remarked, "Mom, scrapping is kind of 'mathy,' isn't it?"  Yes, dear for those of us who are anal-retentive, it most certainly is.

So, here it is on about the 7th try, and I really like the results.  I plan to make a tutorial tomorrow-- or maybe even tonight since my afternoon coffee is still going strong.  But here it is:

When you see the front, it looks like just a pretty Christmas card:
Then, when you open it... SURPRISE!
The white paper at the top is for one of my cherubs to write a note to their teacher.  Upon closer inspection, you will see that there is a "frame" that goes around the card to create an inset for the ornament.  It's 1/2 inch wide and a 1/4 inch deep.  The edges are actually folded over and in to make it work:

I'm really excited about how this came out.  It would be a great holder for a gift card, too!  I'll be back soon with a tutorial-- I promise!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ingenious! I will leave the math scrappiness to you my dear. :)


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