Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flower Wreath Tutorial {Momenta}

Hi, everyone!  I have a really cute and easy wreath project to share with you that was shared on the Momenta Blog today! I used the Chloe's Garden paper collection to make my wreath, but this would look fabulous with many of Momenta's collections!
First of all, gather your materials:
Momenta papers of your choice, a floral foam wreath, pearl-headed pins (roughly 200), hot glue gun, flower punch, scissors, two spools of wide ribbon, mouse pad (not shown).

Next, start punching flowers! The number of flowers you need will depend on the size of your wreath, but I needed about 400 by the time I was done. I decided to bring in some help-- he's easily bribed with Power Rangers on Netflix and some icecream sandwiches! (and he's cute, too!)

While he was punching, I wrapped the wreath with the ribbon. I used the hot glue gun to secure the end and then just started wrapping. It doesn't need to be perfect, so just go for it!

Here's what it looked like after it was wrapped with ribbon.

Now, add a loop for a hanger. This piece of ribbon is about 10" long. I glued one end down with hot glue, made the loop and added a 1/2 turn and then secured the other end with hot glue.

Now, on to the flowers! Layer two flowers on top of eachother and lay them on the mouse pad (you don't have to use a mouse pad, but it sure does make it easier to push the pin through without stabbing yourself in the finger!). Push the pin through the center of the flower.

Now, gently bend the flower petals up toward the center to give the flower some dimension.

Now, push the pin into the wreath. And, start on your next flower.

Keep adding flowers to the wreath giving a random appearance to the pattern of the flowers. Put the flowers close enough together to cover the ribbon.

Just keep pinning flowers until you have gone all the way around your wreath and you are happy with how it looks. And, that's all you need! Isn't it pretty?

Here's a closeup of the flowers as they go around the wreath. I just love the way the pearl-headed pins look as flower centers.

This project is easy, but a little time consuming. But, you can easily walk away and come back to it. It took roughly four episodes of "Power Rangers" and two ice cream sandwich breaks to punch all of the flowers out. And I pinned here and there throughout the day until it was done. The kids are really excited with how it looks and want to hang it in the entryway of the house!
Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed the project and are inspired to try one for yourself!
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  1. Wow that is gorgeous! And your little helper is very sweet!

  2. This beautiful wreath was well worth both your time and effort (and C's too!) - its beautiful!

  3. Super cute wreath! Cute little helper, too. :)

  4. Amazing Nicole! I can't believe you punched out and attached all of those flowers...whew...but the look is just beautiful!!


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