Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Stormy Day!!!

Happy Snow -Day!!  It was wonderful to have the phone ring at 4:30am to tell me that I could shut the alarm off and stay home today.  Ahhhh.....sometimes living in Maine in winter pays off! I have been puttering around the house this morning baking banana bread, picking up the kitchen, chatting with friends and starting to do some re-organizing down stairs.  While I have been puttering away, TWO storms have raged on.  TWO storms you ask??  Yup!  One outside....and one inside!

Here is what the storm OUTSIDE looks like:
And here is what the storm INSIDE looks like!!
I think they have darn near every toy they own out!!  But, they are having a great time together and giggling non-stop.  I LOVE SNOW-DAYS!!!


  1. love the photos chica...sounds like here ot love snowy days for sure

  2. Yeah for a snow day!! I can see the title of that lo now!!! The storm!! LOL Great photos!!

  3. Wish it would snow here...! There's a surprise over at my blog for you!

  4. so sweet ma'm..ur kids and the pic...also the blog..

    happy snowing..hope it comes again..both inside and outside..hehe..god bless!!!


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