Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've been Tagged!!!

We have a great blog challenge going on at My Sketch World. And, I have been tagged by Scarlett, so here goes...

Name: Nicole Wise
Fave Scrap Item: My Purple Cow paper trimmer!
Fave thing to Scrap: My kiddos
Fave time of year: Summer. No work...what more could I want in a season?
Fave Ice Cream: Coffee
Fave Music/ Band: Harry Connick, Jr.
Fave thing to do, besides scrap: Play outside with my kiddos.
Fave place to Vacation: Disneyworld
Fave Scrap Brand: Fancy Pants
Last Page you scrap was called: "Aqua-holic"
Scrapy Addiction: Sketches!!
Something we May not know about you: Hmmmm....I have two Jack Russell Terriers (Fergus and Wilson)
Something that made you laugh recently: Reading "Bunnicula" with my kids...great book!!
Highlight of your Day today: Going to a great party with great food and great friends!
Now I tag..................SUE!!!!!


  1. great tag Nicole and love reading your answers!!!! sooo fun!!!

  2. Hey Nik!! I loved reading your answers!! I have my answers posted too!! TTYS!!!

    BTW loved your card and lo!!!

  3. Fun Harry Conick, jr., too, He is so smooth!!


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